Feet on the ground, head in the clouds

Briiffi’s story began in 1984 in Turku, Finland. The company was advertising man Pentti Antikainen’s vision. While the economy was improving and the media environment diversifying, companies needed help with their marketing.

Pentti wanted to start a business with “feet on the ground and head in the clouds” as its motto. A straightforward advertising company, that would offer its customers expertise in marketing and insightful solutions for improving recognition ja sales. A trusted partner, that would immerse itself in the customers business and be pleasant to work with.

Briiffi is a Finnish family business. In addition to Pentti, his wife Virpi Antikainen worked in Briiffi and was a long-standing chairwoman of the board. Today the board is led by Antikainen’s daughter Hanne Itärinne. Our CEO Jonne Saivosalmi is a seasoned marketing and branding professional.

Over the years Briiffi merged with Ground Communications and has grown from a one-man agency into a 32 multi-professional marketing communications business. The world has changed in thirty years, but the combination of strong expertise and a great service attitude still works like a charm. That’s why our service promise is Bright attitude.


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