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Briiffi Ltd
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Registrar’s representative: Hanne Itärinne

Name of the register

Briiffi’s customer register

Purpose of processing personal data

The register is used for marketing products and services, as well as arranging surveys, campaigns and competitions. The information in the register is used for direct marketing if the customer has given his consent to it.

Information content of the register

The contents of the register may vary depending on the user. The register may include the following user information: First and last name, title or profession, age, gender, first language, contact information, company or community and a possible prohibition on disclosure or use of data for direct marketing. In addition, the register may include the following information: citizenship, date of birth, country of residence, and other profiling information provided by the service user.

Regular information sources

User data can be collected through different competitions and marketing campaigns. Consent to digital direct marketing (email and/or mobile) is specifically requested from the customer in accordance with the law on personal data protection.

In addition, personal data may be collected from the Population Register Centre. Personal data may be collected and updated from the registers of the registrar or other companies belonging to the same group of companies, the Finnish postal service’s registers, the Finnish direct marketing register maintained by the Finnish Direct Marketing Association and similar registers.

Regular destinations of disclosed data and transferral of data to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

The information contained in the register may be disclosed to the same group or to any other party in the same economic association as the registrar in a way and to the extent that is legally permissible. Servers and other technical aids for processing data may be owned and managed by a third party service provider commissioned by the registrar.

Principles of protection of the register

Electronic material: only specific employees of the registrar and the employees of the companies operating on behalf of and by the order of the registrar are entitled to use the customer information system and to change customer data. Each user has their own username and password to access the system. Confidentiality binds employees handling customer information.

The customer register and the IT system hardware are located in enclosed server rooms. In the event of a malfunction, the information will be verified by copying it regularly. The system is protected with a firewall against external threats. Information is disclosed to third parties only in consequence of a statutory notification obligation, such as the customer’s own or a lawful authority’s request. The manual material is kept in a locked space, which only relevant persons have access to.

Right to check the personal data

According to § 26 of the law on personal data protection, the user of services has the right to check what information about him has been deposited in the register or that there is no information about him in the register. The registrar must let the registered person know the regular data sources of the register, the purpose of the registered information and the parties having regular access to it.

This is how you request an inspection:

  • Send a written and signed request to the registrar’s representative at the address shown in section 1 or send it by email.
  • You can leave the register at any time without consequences.


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Privacy policy

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