The green arrow guides to the future

Valmet’s new corporate symbol signals a customer-oriented company, whose actions build the future and contribute to sustainable development. Briiffi’s proposal won the tender for Valmet’s visual image. The arrow element and the rest of the company’s visual image took their final form in cooperation with Briiffi.

Anu Salonsaari-Posti, in charge of Valmet’s corporate communications and marketing, and Leena Marttinen, brand and marketing, give positive feedback on working with Briiffi.

“The visual image reflects renewal and going forward in a concrete way”, Salonsaari-Posti reviews. “The green arrow signifies, that we are steering our customer’s business forward and that we are a highly future-oriented corporation.”

“The especially positive thing about working with Briiffi is, that they provide us with many options, from different angles”, Salonsaari-Posti expresses her contentment. “It has been important to us from the beginning of the cooperation, that Briiffi has listened to our needs. At the same time, they have strongly brought their know-how to the table.”

Marttinen adds, that the project was advanced on an exceptionally speedy schedule. “Briiffi’s flexibility and quick response deserve an A+”, says Marttinen. “Also, working together has been really fun!”

Anu Salonsaari-Posti, head of marketing and communications, Valmet

Briiffi listens to the customer, but also brings strongly their know-how to the table.

Anu Salonsaari-Posti, head of marketing and communications, Valmet

Shared journey forward

The cooperation with Valmet has continued tightly after the visual image design. Valmet wanted to develop and unify their service business. A new way of serving their customers was first launched to the corporation’s own personnel. In stage two was the customers’ turn.

To make sure the message would be interesting and come across, Valmet needed a communications partner. After an invitation to tender, Valmet chose Briiffi as its sparring partner.

The new global service approach was crystallized into the words Shared Journey Forward. It highlights the closeness of Valmet and the customer, perseverance and straightforward result-oriented operation. Read more about the concept on Valmet’s website.


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